Blog Contributors

Jessica Mason-Paull- She started the blog. She will become the Slam Mistress of Vancouver Poetry Slam in May 2012. Find out why she started this blog and the assaults she experienced in the Poetry Slam Community.

Lisa Slater- President of Vancouver Poetry House which is an umbrella organization of VanSlam. Read about her assault.

Erich Haygun- Jessica's Partner, Crisis Counselor and Survivor. He has opinions.

Kyle Mallinson- Lisa's Husband, Secretary for our meetings. Read the meeting minutes from our initial Safe Space meeting and the follow up Safe Space Meeting

R.C.Weslowski- Beloved Poet in the Vancouver Poetry Slam scene, who runs our Youth Slam. He wrote a post after the initial Safe Space meeting.

Lisa B- Poet in VanSlam, here she talks about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

If you have a blog post on the process of addressing sexual assault, safe space, Poetry Slam and related issues, please send me an email with an introduction about yourself and your blog post. all posts sent to me will be posted and unedited. All comments are not moderated.