Back Story

Back StoryJessica Mason-Paull
The Assault- Jessica Mason-Paull
The Assault- Lisa Slater
The Plan- Part 1 Creating a Team- Jessica Mason-Paull
The Plan- Part 2 Logistics- Jessica Mason-Paull
The Plan- Part 3 Self Care- Jessica Mason-Paull
Telling the PerpetratorJessica Mason-Paull
More People Coming ForwardJessica Mason-Paull
R.C Weslowski's response to our meeting on Safe Space
The Aftermath- Lisa Slater
Safety- Jessica Mason-Paull
For those who love someone who has been named a Perpetrator- Lisa Slater
VanSlam Family Meeting minutes and Safe Space Workshop- Kyle Mallinson
Values and Underlying Principles- Part 1- Lisa Slater
Restorative Justice- what and why- Jessica Mason-Paull
Safe Space Follow up Meeting Minutes