Thursday, July 26, 2012

North American Poetry Slam Community adresses Safe Space

It's tough times for rapists these days in the poetry slam community. People are speaking up all over North America and PSI (Poetry Slam Inc) is beginning to create a safe space structure which all registered slams will have to adhere to.

It's not a simply process and no one really has any answers but people are talking, getting together and saying this is important. It's exciting. The power of just speaking the truth and being heard is having its day.

The scene here is still working on safety. We still have meetings and create awareness and it's paying off. I have had more than one regular at our events say they enjoy it more now. Our shows have been sold out for months and diversity is slowly increasing in both our audience and performer base. In short, it's been worth it. Sleepless nights and long phone calls to lawyers can all be out weighed by the knowing that people want to help, they care.

When the official stance from PSI comes out I will link to it here, I will also share updates of other slams who are addressing this issue.

You're time is coming Rapists, we're onto you.

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