Saturday, March 31, 2012

Telling the Perpetrator- by Jessica Mason-Paull

Immediately after the meeting it was the responsibility of a small self selected group to contact the Perpetrator. In the age of iPhones, we couldn't wait 24hours to contact him. Chris Gilpin was the designated person to call, whilst others were there for support.
I was super relieved that the Perpetrator wasn't at the meeting as I got the sense that we all felt more comfortable sharing our experiences and begin looking at what accountability and rebuilding our scene looked like.

Luckily the Perpetrator picked up the phone. In two sentences Chris explained to him the situation- what had happened at the meeting and the temporary outcome (asking him to take some time off from our events). The Perpetrator acknowledged hearing this and hung up the phone.

I'm feeling a great sense of relief today about not hiding this from everyone. I am concerned for the Perpetrator but know that we have a team of people who are ensuring we support him, his family and community.

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