Friday, March 23, 2012

The Plan- Part 3 Self Care- by Jessica Mason-Paull

This post discusses how the team dealt with self care during this process.

Lisa put together a fact sheet for everyone in the meeting to use and for the planning team.

I can say this has been an incredibly difficult process for me. I have been feeling triggered around other incidences in my life where I have been assaulted. I have been feeling guilt for not saying or doing anything sooner. I have anger around my own inaction, people's responses to my actions and towards the Perpetrator. I am exhausted all the time and feel an actual weight on my shoulders. I feel heavy with responsibility. My close relationships have been very strained as I don't have emotional energy to give to them. I have been struggling with my desire to get drunk and forget about all of this, most evenings. My work life has suffered as I haven't been particularly present for my co-workers. All this is going on for me even though I have an incredible support structure around me.

Every emotion I expressed above I have also heard from at least one other member of the organizing team. We're all maxed and trying to check in and support each other but it's tough. I feel massive gratitude to the Crisis center I have been attending regularly as they are outside my immediate support group. They are always ready for me and have been an enormous help. Details of Vancouver support centers are in the fact sheet link above.

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